Include a brand-new pergola to give your deck or patio area extra character and offer a centerpiece for design and style. Pergolas are terrific for vines, other climbing plants, and hanging baskets. If you do not have a green thumb, dress the pergola with lights, ribbons, or banners for unique celebrations.

Depending on the size of your property, a pergola might tie the area together or make it feel distorted and out of proportion. Pergolas should always be constructed with aesthetic appeal in mind.

If your lawn is smaller, scale the pergola to a size that doesn’t become the area’s main focus. A larger pergola can highlight the different yard functions for a bigger backyard with numerous features, such as a deck and pool area.

Hundreds of years later, these classic structures have spread out to all corners of the globe as gorgeous garden fixtures that enhance the charm of any home. It’s no secret why this outside structure is still so popular.

Pergolas are fantastic, versatile structures that produce visual interest, specify an outdoor room and include charm.

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