Planning to Build a Wood Patio Cover

Planning to Build a Wood Patio Cover

After suffering through one more sweltering summer, you have decided to bite the bullet and install a wood patio cover. While this is certainly a project that is doable, there is the need to make some advance preparation. Here are some things to consider as you progress with your project.

Your first concern is going to be making sure you are in compliance with local building codes and zoning laws. If you are living in a subdivision, chances are that there will be no restrictions on building a wood patio cover, although there may be some parameters relating to the square footage and the type of materials you can use for the project.

Should your home be located in a historical section of town, be prepared to have to attend a council meeting or meet with a local city planner and request permission to build the cover. Remember, a wood patio cover may be considered to be an addition to your home and thus will have to meet local building codes.

After meeting whatever requirements are set by local government, the next step is to decide if you want to take on the project of building a wood patio cover yourself or find someone to do it for you. Should you decide to make this a project you will complete over a series of weekends, make sure you prepare the proper plans and purchase the materials you will need. Also, make sure you are fully stocked with the tools required for the job. Nothing is quite as frustrating as making great progress with a project, only to have to stop and go purchase something you should have already had on hand.

Should you decide to hire someone to build your wood patio cover, make sure you get at least three different bids for the project. Include all the pertinent information, such as dimensions, measurements, materials you want to be used and the date that the project will be completed.

Insist on having the quote and the response to all your requirements in writing. If someone balks at complying with your requests, then you know to eliminate that person from the running, and invite someone else to bid.

Building a wood patio cover need not be an arduous task, whether you build it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. With the proper planning, you can complete the project in a timely and efficient manner.